Automate and enhance your WIP for accurate swift information, not days or weeks from now.
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A crystal ball
increase in forecasting accuracy
Reduced workload
faster data collection and curation
Money Money Money
avg fee enhancement
“Briq has created flow through our organization. It has set us up for success.”
- Harry Schmidt, O’Shea Builders
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Instant insights:

Automate your current workflows to get data from the field to the office or the office to the field at lightning speed. No more delays in reporting or forecasting.

A home for all your data

One place for all your construction data, integrated with each of your systems. Allow your software to communicate, not create headaches. Yes, that means your ERP, accounting system, PM system, etc.

The accuracy

Get out of Excel hell. No more errors, no more messy macros. Briq allows you to see your WIP in the same format but with smarter data.

raises $30M in Series B funding round
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