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Made to help run your construction business. Automate your financial workflows to improve your budget, forecast and spend.
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Built for your
construction business.
Briq connects your people, processes, and systems so you are empowered to make better decisions. We collaborate with you to make Briq work the way you work.
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From bid to profit, we automate:
Corporate Planning & Management
Connect your people, processes,
and systems.
Cash Flow Analysis & Forecasting
Understand and adapt to your company’s cash flow.
AP Invoice & Spend Management
Control real-time spend and increase accuracy.
Headcount Planning
Avoid over- and understaffing with better modeling.
Revenue Forecasting
Make smarter predictions built from past performance.
Project Budgeting & Forecasting
Access deeper insights to drive better outcomes.
Equipment & Materials Planning
Manage and forecast the needs for every job.
Hear from our clients
“Thanks to Briq, I have a sense of peace that the financial decisions I’m making for my company are the right ones.”
Chad Green
CEO, Bauen Studios
“Briq developed automation solutions that allowed information to automatically transfer between Spectrum, Procore, and Excel. Integration is now being transformed into insight.”
Christian Geismann
CFO & Partner, Schuchart
“We consider Briq a partner in our business operations, not just a technology provider – so much so that we’ve signed a multi year contract with them”
Jackie Buck
CFO, Harper Construction
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