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The best contractors
are built on Briq.

We're a construction financial forecasting and intelligence platform that helps general and specialty contractors of all sizes enhance profitability and improve outcomes in all corners of the business.


Briq improves financial outcomes.

By connecting operations and accounting in one modern platform, we make construction companies smarter, more efficient, and more profitable.
general contractors

Don't gamble with profitability

Unify your company's information and make more accurate decisions more efficiently, all while driving profitability.

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Construction managers

Don't leave it up to chance

Detect leading indicators of risk before it's too late.

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Run better forecasts for
labor and materials.

Get straight to the "why". Get ahead of what eats into your profits.

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Trusted by Construction Leaders

“As a CFO I'm always looking for ways to maximize profit, reduce risk, and improve forecasting. Briq has paid immediate dividends; we consider them a partner in our business operations, not just a technology provider.”
Harper Construction
”We process over 450 individual field payrolls every week. Briq analyzed all of our labor budget transactions for variances of 20% or more.  We were shocked to find the number of discrepancies. As a result, we renewed our contract for a second year in advance of our renewal date.”
“Since we've become a Briq partner, we're saving 60 hours a month in the time it takes to manually process 400 expense reports, as well as extract data from over 5,500 PDFs which eliminated 917 hours of manual extraction time, a savings of $32,000. We couldn't be happier with Briq.”
modern technology

Better technology

We power better forecasts and cost-cutting measures through the most modern technology available in construction today. The power of AI meets your financial and operational data, all under one platform.

speed and scale

Uncover significant trends and patterns

Spot the impossible. Find spending issues and leading indicators of profit fade that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Our Mission

Modernizing Construction Financials.

You can fly through your project with an iPad and hover a drone over your jobsite, but can you accurately predict a project's cost at completion? Briq is here to bring a modern bridge between accounting and operations.