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The Briq Platform automates financial workflows for construction companies. With Briq, you can manage your money — whether you're planning, forecasting or spending it. 

Let’s talk about some of the workflows we can automate for you.
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“We weren’t getting the job cost information from estimating to the field in a timely fashion. We decided to tackle it head on and fix it with Briq.”
Harry Schmidt
Director, Business Strategies
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Case study: Schuchart
Schuchart is a Seattle-based, privately held, fifth-generation family business operating as a mid-size, commercial general contractor. Over the past eight years, they have grown and begun taking on projects across the Northwest. Their clients are diverse, ranging from industrial aerospace projects to tech companies and everything in between.
Briq provides the automation and centralization of data that Schuchart needs to improve forecasting accuracy.
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Client success stories
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The finance team at Fessler & Bowman was able to flip from spending 80% of their time inputting data to 80% of their time analyzing it.
DSI was able to save $50,000 and 1,000 hours of data inputting in under a year thanks to automating their AP processes.
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