About Us

From the desk of Briq CEO

Bassem Hamdy
Dear Friends,
I have spent my life dedicated to this industry we love. In fact, I don't know anyone who has worked a lifetime in construction who doesn't love the absolute Hell out of it. We are a tough industry, an essential industry, an impactful industry. We build the places where things happen- where people are born, progress is made, competitions are won, and loved ones gather. Together, we build the foundation of our society. 

Construction is an industry of honest and down-to-earth people. We are an industry of respect, experience, and tradition. The most important tradition, perhaps, being hard work. It’s no secret that contractors have tough jobs. So, years ago, when I saw the need for construction financial software, I got my hands dirty and I built it. And then later, when I saw the need for project management software, I got my hands dirty again and I built that too.

That’s the thing about construction. We care. We jump in and we say “how can I help?”

Briq is my third act and my greatest passion - making life genuinely better for contractors. I don’t want to tell you about our software, I just want to tell you why we built it. When I enlisted my longtime best friend, Ron Goldshmidt, to help me on this journey, our mission was simple: bring peace and harmony to construction. 

Enabling the world's hardest working industry to work a little less hard, earn a few more dollars, and utilize tools that get folks home earlier- that's what this is all about. I believe through this, we can bring peace and harmony to construction companies, and to our industry worldwide. 

I know it’s lofty, but when do we do things small in construction?

This is a family industry, and Briq is personal to me. We are a family who is dedicated to one common and unifying goal; to serve the industry and people we love. I hope you’ll come build with us.

Yours in Construction,