About Us

Why choose Briq?

The average contractor uses around a dozen applications to manage workflows and store documents. This results in leaders making critical decisions with scattered data silos and incomplete or imperfect information.

The Briq Platform uses automation, advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connect these systems and provide deep insights and forecasting for better decisions that lead to profitability.

Our team brings together over 100 years of construction experience and a team of PhDs and data scientists from Google, Electronic Arts, Autodesk, and Procore.

The ultimate team in construction data science.

Meet the Makers

The Briq Team

Bassem Hamdy

Co-Founder & CEO

Ron Goldshmidt

Co-Founder & COO

Ellis Talton

Head of Growth

Pam Hummel

Head of Industry

Julian Gonzalez

Head of Customer Data Science

Brian Wienke

Head of Product

Hayley Jayne

Head of People

Can I use Briq with my current accounting system?

Briq uses a technology that allows it to connect with any application, so we are truly a platform-agnostic solution. We work with all the major accounting platforms, but Briq can even consume data from unstructured data sources such as contracts, invoices, expense reports, and other PDFs.

What is the difference between Briq and reports from my accounting system?

Briq is more than a reporting platform. While Briq does allow you to visualize your data, the real power lies in being able to forecast your cashflow, labor, materials, cost at completion, and more. The other key difference between Briq and your accounting system is that Briq allows you to use data from any system– accounting, project management, HR, estimating, and more. A report from your accounting or project management system is much more limited in accuracy and really only represents about 20% of the data in your business, while Briq allows you to tap into 95% of your corporate data.

What is the level of effort I should expect with Briq?

We're a unique team built specifically to help you get value from the Briq platform on Day 1 of your implementation. Our leadership has over 100 years of construction experience as well as a team of PhDs, data scientists, and data engineers. As such, we allow you to focus on running your business while our Customer Data Science team handles the heavy lifting. We tell you what data you need, how to get it, and where to put it.