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Grassi + Briq Webinar Top 5 Findings from GRASSI's Annual Construction Survey
August 20, 2021
The Briq team is getting together with our friends at GRASSI to go over some of their top findings from GRASSI’s construction survey.
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Ellis Talton
VP of Customer Success
Grassi + Briq Webinar Top 5 Findings from GRASSI's Annual Construction Survey

The past 12 months have been unpredictable for contractors (and that’s an understatement).  In order to gain insight into some of the issues contractors have encountered, we asked the team at Grassi to share the top five findings from their recent construction industry survey. Briq Vice President of Customer Success, Ellis Talton was joined by GRASSI Construction Practice Leader Carl Oliveri, and GRASSI AEC Practice Leader Robert Brewer to discuss the results. Our noted panel covered topics that included:

  • 2020 impacts to revenue and profit
  • Labor challenges
  • Job-site technology
  • The Covid-19 impact
  • 2021 and beyond!

There’s a lot of valuable information here, so we’ve summarized the interview with timestamps to help you find what interests you most.

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