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Cash Is Still King
October 19, 2021
Watch Briq royalty, CEO & Co-Founder, Bassem Hamdy, and VP of Customer Success, Ellis Talton, are on hand to offer their expertise. They will break down why cash flow forecasts are the key to success
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Bassem Hamdy
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Ellis Talton
VP of Customer Success
Cash Is Still King

What does it mean to fully take control of your cash flow in the construction industry? Briq’s very own Bassem Hamdy, CEO and Co-Founder, and Ellis Talton, VP of Customer Success, got together to talk about the future of construction finance and how Briq is revolutionizing the management of cash and money workflows for construction professionals. Topics covered included:

  • How Briq is changing the game
  • The future of financial planning in construction
  • The five core components of a good financial workflow

There are great moments throughout the entire webinar, so we’ve handpicked some nuggets of wisdom for you.

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