Our platform detects environmental, economic and project changes that impacts businesses in the built environment, and provides solutions to respond to such events.


Market IQ

The success of a project relies on more than just good scheduling software. Unlock more revenue by understanding your data. Data exists in every fold of your company and it’s telling a story. Are you listening?  


Choosing the right subcontractor for your job is still a process shrouded in uncertainty. Our proprietary technology helps to identify which subcontractors to select for your project, and most importantly, recommends how much you should bid.


Most contractors aren’t in the business of building– in reality, they’re in the business of risk management. Briq provides analysis on risk exposure, your contractors’ safety ratings, and provides recommendations on insurance.


Part of a providing good solutions is asking the right questions. Doc IQ helps contractors write better RFIs and Submittals to get better answers. This is more than just an RFI management platform, this helps your project managers work at the top of their game.


Good talent and reliable labor are key assets to any company. Our engine recommends the ideal employee profile for your awarded projects, analyzes who on the team works well together, and provides detailed recruitment suggestions.


Materials arriving late on site can spell disaster for any project. Track your supply chain through a blockchain interface to generate better planning and forecasting.


Manage ERP data, and connect your ERP to any source. Use public data, such as futures markets, as a barometer on external financial pressures. This process creates ML models and AI-based recommendations to help you run a better company

Build smarter with Briq.