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The CFMA Annual Conference 2021 PreGame Show hosted by Briq
June 18, 2021
We’ve rounded up some industry superstars to give our friends all the need-to-know details about CFMA’s annual conference.
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Pam Hummel
EVP of Marketing and Industry
Mia Hummel
Manager, Client Advocacy
The CFMA Annual Conference 2021 PreGame Show hosted by Briq

Live, in-person events are finally back on the board, and we can’t wait for CFMA’s annual conference. We’re so excited we hosted a whole pregame!

Briq Executive VP of Marketing & Industry Pam Hummel was joined by CFMA VP of Operations Brian Summers, and Pepper Construction Assistant Controller Jen Haub. They discussed:

  • Scouting Report: Event location, format, and some highlight sessions.
  • Draft Day: How CFMA chooses speakers and content
  • Player Spotlights: Which notable presenters will be there this year
  • Predictions: What you can expect to get out of a CFMA conference
  • And more!

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