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WIP Automation
Automate the flow of data for more
accurate reporting.
Critical information from all your systems and people can flow into and out of Briq. With Briq, your company has one source of timely and accurate project and business information.
More accurate
Discover deeper analyses.
Turn your WIP into a dynamic tool that updates automatically in the cloud, providing contractors with the ability to create custom reports and run deeper analyses.
  • Access dynamic data.
  • Build smarter reports.
  • Make better decisions.
Better processes
Manage your cash flow.
Use technology to bridge the gap between the field and the office with connected workflows, real-time insights, and increased financial visibility.
  • Centralize your information.
  • Gain smarter insights.
  • Improve financial visibility.
Cash is still king
Watch the webinar to learn the 5 principles of good cash flow.
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