Briq’s core mission is to help general contractors and subcontractors drive more revenue, stop fee erosion, enhance profitability in projects, and freeze overhead and administrative costs.

Decision Support

General Contractors that sustain good decision-making win. Those that empower their employees with the right data at the right time, and in the right place, will outperform the competition. Briq’s Construction Data Cloud gives GCs and Subcontractors confidence that the decisions they make will have a material impact on the performance of their projects and their organizations.

Market Analytics

Companies that know their market run better projects. Understand your most profitable owners and projects. Which owners are more likely to give you more business? Which Owners should you fire? Where is your next project coming from? Find patterns in your past projects to create a fingerprint that aligns your investments with your strengths.

Project Analytics

Construction is in the business of Project Delivery and yet we’ve left much of the risk on the table by forcing our teams to make (educated) guesses instead of informed decisions. Briq acts as a virtual expert to drive better decisions and protect (or even expand) fee. Take the guesswork out of monthly forecasting, the change order process and subcontractor performance management using brilliant visualizations and recommendations.

Corporate Analytics

With such tight margins, construction companies simply cannot afford to have their overhead get out of control. Corporate and financial planning tools however are stuck in the past. Financial Departments must evolve beyond Excel and legacy BI system to make critical financial business decisions. Briq changes that by providing revenue and cost forecasting tools at the corporate level.

Workforce Analytics

Workforce planning and team assignment is a difficult task, and mostly done in Excel and home-grown systems. Let Briq recommend the right people to assign to a project to enable positive outcomes and drive more successful projects. Briq can also help you with your workforce planning to decide where and when you need to hire.