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It is time for construction to evolve past static planning, broken spreadsheets, and paper receipts. Your company needs systems that connect with one another, a platform that invites everyone to collaborate, and the combined insights from accurate information that let you plan ahead with confidence.
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Our Mission
At Briq, we are dedicated to making the lives of construction financial professionals easier and their companies more profitable.
Our Platform
Briq connects to all the systems you use and connects your people to a better source of company data.
Our team of experts create workflows that mimic how your business works. No templates here—we build with you.
Briq is the ultimate collaboration tool as it combines data sources from all your systems pushing and pulling data in real-time.
Access to real-time information means all information is up-to-date and shared across all systems.
Briq allows you to pull reports as and when you need them, and all data will be reformatted automatically in the best way for you.
How does Briq work?
Watch our video to learn more about connection, personalization, and collaboration through Briq. We want the construction industry to be able to work together seamlessly and we found the way to make it work.
It’s true: we haven’t found a system we can’t connect with yet. Briq sits atop all of your legacy systems, bringing all your company data together under one roof. Now your information is automatically updated across every system and always ready to pull.
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