Our platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect environmental, economic and project changes that impacts businesses in the built environment, and provides solutions to respond to such events.


Market IQ

Track “Propensity to Construct” and “Intent to Build” by using both public and private data sources. Be the first to know about a project by ingesting thousands of data points, and know which projects your organization is best suited for based on past performance.


Choosing the right subcontractor for your job is still a process shrouded in uncertainty. Our proprietary technology helps to identify which subcontractors to select for your project, and most importantly, recommends how much you should bid.


Most contractors aren’t in the business of building– in reality, they’re in the business of risk management. Briq provides analysis on risk exposure, your contractors’ safety ratings, and provides recommendations on insurance.

Closeout IQ

Handover O&M documents to provide a total overview of the asset’s history and activity. Allows for immediate searching of items within a building, including alerts on warranty and recalls.

Project IQ

Project-Based recommendations and analysis of all historic and current activity. Trend and identify early indicators of issues with subcontractors, eliminate 80% of double data entry between systems on a project.


Materials arriving late on site can spell disaster for any project. Track your supply chain through a blockchain interface to generate better planning and forecasting.

Finance IQ

Model driven view of your entire corporation providing predictive models that run alongside human entered forecasts. Revenue, Cost, Budget, Cashflow. Increase budgeting and forecasting accuracy by at least 50%

Build smarter with Briq.