How We Build It

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Waste and information silos in construction happen when software platforms do not communicate. Unfortunately, it happens too often. Our Foundry Product solves this problem by building a data fabric behind systems, giving them the connective tissue so badly needed.

Foundry is powered by our Blockchain Operating System (BOS) where it ingests and warehouses your data to make it immutable in the blockchain.



Integrating with BRIQ through our single end-point API solution means you are instantly connected to thousands of apps. Most major data and blockchain solutions ignore the construction industry’s unique requirements, but BRIQ has built integrations specifically for the needs of construction and the built environment– everything from Procore, CMiC, to Autodesk’s BIM and Google Doc Products.



Synapse uses Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and smart bots to provide Insights and Business Intelligence. Its powerful insights will help you apply your findings with our catalog of Workflow Solutions. Uncover the trends behind everything from data lineage, provenance tracking, management, governance and security.