Bassem Hamdy on the ConTechCrew Podcast

On May 31st, Briq’s CEO and CoFounder Bassem Hamdy was a guest on the popular ConTechCrew Podcast, powered by JBKnowledge. If you haven’t a chance to check it out, you can listen here.

For those that haven’t had a chance to listen, we’ve distilled the best highlights here. Enjoy!


We are stuck in a cycle of norms that have caused us not to understand exactly what needs to be done to evolve in the most logical direction. We have formed a dependency on what works now, instead of focusing on what could work better in the future. We must educate future generations of construction workers on technology’s potential!


Most construction SaaS platforms have put majority of their focus on data entry, as opposed to the actual data itself and what we can learn from it. Briq is unique in the sense that they focus strictly on the storage of data, automation of how the data is moved, and the intelligence claimed from data. As Bassem Hamdy described it, we are essentially building a “master schema” for construction. Though he recognizes that data entry is still vital to the process, and the master schema cannot be created without it.

Briq determines problems before they happen

Briq has built a suite of technology that enables them to locate potential financial and scheduling errors, and essentially the failure of the structure in its entirety. Having this ability provides advantages for storing data, speeding the process through automation, and building algorithms that learn from the data being provided– all things that help the construction industry to build in a smarter, more efficient way.

“We need to stop surviving, and start evolving”

A quote that can often be misinterpreted, but a quote that is essential to the evolution of our technological world. We have found ourselves relying on the things we know work in the short term, but haven’t put forth the energy or time to discover the long term technological advances that will continue to move us forward. Though we can’t just simply shift from surviving to evolving. We do it by innovating, reaching outside the box, and using technology. Learning to do those things will put a closer margin between technology and humans, and provide us with the tools to make essential technological advances.

We have to attack todays norms to see meaningful progress

It starts with an understanding that what works isn’t necessarily what is most logical when thinking long term. Once we realize how important attacking todays norms is to the reinventing of the construction technology realm, companies can make the necessary movements. It is important that the companies be responsible for evolving, as they carry the materials, knowledge, and power to create effective change to the industry.

Alexis Turner