(Video) Briq Chronicle: Connecting Project Management Systems Between Owners and General Contractors

What is Briq Chronicle?

Chronicle is the solution to stuck, unusable, and ignored information hidden in your applications and systems. Chronicle technology enables integration and data normalization. It gives your applications the power of prediction.

With your systems integrated and your unstructured data normalized, you can begin learning and predicting outcomes.

Now your systems can bring value and business intelligence to your data strategy.

Would you like to see inside Briq’s Chronicle technology?

(See Video Below the Screenshots)

For the first time in our industry, Briq’s Chronicle platform has been able to connect project management systems between an Owner and a General Contractor (GC).

The above graphic shows a (fictional) example of ongoing work at the New York Knights Stadium. As happens in many projects, the GC has a question for the Owner: in this case, the contractor wants to know what color the visitor’s dressing room should be.

In today’s siloed application environment, the GC is required to enter this Request for Information (RFI) into their own system, and then must turn around and enter the same information into the Owner’s PM system. The Owner can then answer the question in the same way. The Owner adds “Red” in the response and pushes the answer to Briq, which once again eliminates the double data entry.

Briq Chronicle works in both a timed format– meaning the integration runs every 15 or 30 minutes– or by an on demand format. This could run every 15 minutes, and all RFIs that are new will move over to the owner's system automatically.

This process is the first step in creating clean data pipelines, and making sure your data is machine learning friendly.

Learn more about Briq Chronicle here.

Watch the Briq Chronicle Video Walk-Thru