Machine Learning is All Around You

Are you aware of how present machine learning is in your everyday life? You interact with these tools everyday– here are 3 examples:

  1. Booking an airline ticket. Machines have been taught how to triangulate all possible routes of a flight and optimize the seats available on them. When you book a ticket, there is a complex machine learning process sorting, filtering, and producing all those options, in real time for millions of passengers.

  1. An Email Spam Filter. Google isn’t just looking at the sender’s email address to identify spam, it’s also detecting the sincerity of the text in the email body. Google uses Natural Language Processing to determine what is spam and what is not based on how the email is written and the language used. Throughout this process, the algorithm is constantly learning and refining what its users consider relevant.

  1. Ordering from a McDonald’s Drive Through. In March 2019, McDonald’s purchased Dynamic Analytics, an AI company that can predict what customers might order in the drive through. It takes into account the weather and the time of year, and a host of other data points. The $300 million purchase will allow McDonald’s to optimizing their supply chains and procedures depending on ordering forecasts.

What does this have to do with Construction?

Briq uses the same technology that powers your airline choices, filters your email spam, and predicts whether or not you’ll order that apple pie. But rather than train our algorithms to spot consumer choices, we are training them to recognize critical paths in the construction environment. Everything from what makes your projects successful to how to unlock hidden fee in your accounting methods.

What happens when you use Briq to unleash the power in your data?

Take out the bias in your decisions.

Heated arguments in meeting rooms and emotional attachments to outdated systems can cause serious bottlenecks. Even with a dashboard in front of you, decisions can become clouded. 

Eliminate Mistakes

Humans can do many things better than a computer, but consistent accuracy is not one of them. Our algorithms take millions and billions of data points and distill them into clear, concise, and correct results. That isn’t a guarantee when your employees are working between different versions of an Excel file. Free time for your employees to do critical thinking, let Briq do the complex number crunching. 

Your decisions become increasingly better.

One of the tenets of machine learning is that our models are designed to become better over time. As you begin to build a warehouse of data and apply learning techniques to that library, you will start to see smarter and clearer outcomes in your projects and in your company.

Briq is unlocking potential in areas our clients never thought were possible. If you want to see how we are actively applying models to data, let’s have a chat! Our Data Team is standing by.

Ellis Talton