How to Solve Your Integration Problem with Robotic Process Automation

One of the most common problems we find in construction today is the inability to integrate the critical systems that run our projects and companies.

A lot of data gets siloed between Procore, Plangrid, Salesforce, JD Edwards, Newforma, and the many, many other applications you and your partners are using. As a result, you rely on entering data multiple times between your application and those mandated by the owner or contractor. Not only are you wasting time doing this, you are also exposing your project or company to risk with potential clerical errors. All of this results in bad data, low predictability, and inefficient workflows.

Double data entry is the scourge of Productivity.

Here at Briq, we spend a lot of time thinking about these issues. We are actively using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help our customers increase productivity and eliminate double data entry by up to 80%

Benefits of RPA:

  • Maintain flexibility in your technology stack

  • Limit the busy work your employees have to do

  • Leverage big data by retaining the data you create

  • Optimize business process efficiency

  • Fast to deploy and highly scalable

RPA is a non-invasive, behind the scenes platform that introduces sophisticated algorithms and machine-learning tools to handle repeatable and predictive tasks.  RPA has been championed in other process-oriented fields such as Finance and Insurance. Now Briq is bringing it to construction.

Would you like to eliminate Double Data Entry by 80%?

Ellis Talton