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Schuchart is a Seattle-based, privately held, fifth-generation family business operating as a mid-size, commercial general contractor. Over the past eight years, they have grown and begun taking on projects across the Northwest. Their clients are diverse, ranging from industrial aerospace projects to tech companies and everything in between.


Schuchart uses Spectrum for accounting, and Procore for project management. Schuchart also integrated Smartsheet to collect information in the cloud. Excel, of course, is included in the tech stack.


After implementing Procore, it became apparent that the project management and accounting systems could not be easily linked—which is what Schuchart wanted. 

One challenge was, to pull data, project managers had to go into Spectrum, the accounting software which is not intuitive or user-friendly for them. Procore also couldn’t account for job hours completed, spent, and remaining, which is important for tracking labor.

“Our ultimate goal was to get our PMs out of Spectrum entirely because they're not accountants. It just didn't make much sense to them, and they were always having to dig through a bunch of information that they didn't need to get the information that we wanted them looking at for their projects.” – Amanda Cole, Data Analyst, CPA


Briq was able to provide the centralization and automation of data that Schuchart needed. Briq developed automation to get key data from Spectrum and Procore that could be analyzed together. 

Now Schuchart only needs to enter their budget data into Briq. As all systems are updated simultaneously, teams can work in a more collaborative and timely manner. Ultimately, Briq is saving Schuchart employees time and improving business accuracy.

“The key thing is, anything we can’t do ourselves, we say, ‘Well, let’s try Briq and see if they can help us.’”
Amanda Cole
Data Analyst, CPA

Because Briq worked so well, Schuchart is planning to utilize more of the platform to further speed up and simplify their processes. For Schuchart, freeing up employee time from mundane tasks like data entry to allow them time to work on more strategic and growth tasks is important.


“We have really smart, intelligent people who've been in the industry for a very long time. And if they can have an extra eight hours every week to help us with the MBE project, or come up with their own project that they want to champion, that's our ultimate goal.”

Amanda Cole,
Data Analyst, CPA

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