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Fessler & Bowman is a specialty contractor operating in the commercial concrete and civil construction space. For almost 60 years, Fessler & Bowman have performed services such as below-grade building foundations, cast-in-place building foundations, concrete slab on grade, industrial press pit foundations, concrete pavement, site utilities, earthmoving, and demolition. They have five regional offices across the US.


Fessler & Bowman use Procore for project management and Foundation is their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.


In 2019, Fessler & Bowman was experiencing a busy period of growth, but one thing that was impacting that growth was the inability to project labor needs for upcoming jobs that they were looking to take on. In order to grow in a controlled, predictable way, they needed a tool to help them forecast their labor needs quickly and accurately.

The Fessler & Bowman finance team were spending 80% of their time manually creating these very sophisticated spreadsheets and then running all the calculations. They didn't have time to analyze what it means. They weren't getting the numbers done in time for the next monthly report. 

“How do we project resources so that we can accurately decide what work we can take on — next week, next month, next quarter? 

One of our highest level leaders said, ‘It can't be done. We cannot do it.’ Now the challenge was on the table: What do you mean we can't do it?”


Briq developed automatic workflows for Fessler & Bowman by taking their old processes and identifying the manual work that could be replaced with automations. These workflows automatically send items to the right people to approve and sign-off on them.

With all data from Procore and Foundation centralized and automated in Briq, the finance team can run their reports as they need to have the most up-to-date information for forecasting labor needs and providing intelligent, accurate business insights.

"One of our highest level leaders said, ‘It can't be done. We cannot do it.’ Now the challenge was on the table: What do you mean we can't do it?”
Rob Krueger
VP of Operations
Fessler & Bowman

Now, thanks to Briq’s automations, the Fessler & Bowman finance team can analyze their data and trends in-depth and come to the best business solutions and recommendations. Their time went from 80% spent inputting data and 20% analyzing it to 20% inputting and 80% analyzing.


“Briq puts the right information in the hands of the right people and makes their job easier and performance better. Briq makes it so everything’s easily scalable as we grow.”

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