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DSI is a mechanical subcontractor with many locations across the US. Founded in 1988, they have over thirty years of experience in a broad range of markets from microelectronics to healthcare to commercial and specialty projects.


DSI uses Vista for their ERP and Cosential CRM to manage their opportunities.


“The question was how do you do more transactional volume without adding resources?” – Randy Smith, Director of Enterprise Applications

DSI was in a period of huge growth, seeing 33% more revenue than their previous most profitable year. They needed a way for their small AP department to handle the volume of invoices, which was 8,000 per month and growing.

There was the additional issue of all invoices being handled and processed differently across the DSI offices, causing inconsistencies when recording the data.


“When we saw the Briq product we thought: Wow, this could help us a lot because our volume of 7- to 8,000 invoices a month is only going to go up.” – RS

With Briq, DSI saw a way to implement AP automation to expedite the processing time for each invoice. And thanks to the personalized dashboards Briq provides, DSI is able to preview the documents that were scanned. This meant if fields had been left blank it is an easy process for the AP department to fill in the blanks. 

Personalization was the key to success. DSI can now map multiple vendors and use the same automation for each, saving time and suiting their specific business needs.

“When I saw the statistics of the AP automation—I was floored!”
Randy Smith
Director of Enterprise Applications
Dynamic Systems Incorporated

In 10 months, DSI has been able to process 6,000 invoices through Briq which equals 1,000 hours and at least $50,000 saved in less than a year. They are now able to achieve more with the same resources.


“We are processing more invoices with the same amount of people. Briq has saved us both hours and dollars.”

Randy Smith,

Director of Enterprise Applications

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