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Briq is a financial intelligence and forecasting platform built for construction. We help contractors use their data to make better financial decisions and improve business processes.

A new way of looking at financial data

01 Simplify

Create streamlined workflows and standardize financial processes.

02 Plan

Collaborate on plans and forecasts for better accuracy.

03 Improve

Analyze current and past financial data to make changes where necessary.
How we help
Corporate Budgeting:
A holistic view of the financial health of your construction business.
Revenue & Cash Flow Forecasting:
Forecast for the future, not with snapshots of the past.
Project & ELM Forecasting:
Stay up-to-the minute on crucial project and financial forecasting and reporting. 
Process & Planning:
Connect all of your people, processes, and systems.
Pay & Payment:
Reduce person hours and increase accuracy.
WIP Workbooks
Automate the flow of data into your WIP from multiple systems.

Unify your financial and operational data

It shouldn’t take weeks to get information from the field to the office. Briq allows you to pull in data from any of your systems so you have visibility into every department.

No more Excel hell

Your financial plan is crucial and shouldn’t live in endless spreadsheets. Briq can automate your financial forecasts and reports, including your WIP, automatically.

Build a “what if” model for multiple scenarios

Our forecasting technology enables construction financial managers to model multiple scenarios and build a financial forecast for each.

Reports in the present

Don’t wait 30 days for feedback on that RFI or change order. Briq ensures your most important KPIs are always up to date and available at the touch of a button.

“Briq developed automation solutions that allowed information to automatically transfer between Spectrum, Procore, and Excel. Integration is now being transformed into insight.”

Christian Geismann

"One of the biggest operational problems we had was we were not getting the job cost information from estimating to the field in a timely fashion. We decided to tackle it head on and fix it with Briq. Our estimator enjoys their Friday's a lot more now."

Harry Schmidt
Director, Business Strategies,
O’Shea Builders

“We consider Briq a partner in our business operations,
not just a technology provider – so much so that we’ve signed a multi year contract with them”

Jackie Buck
Harper Construction
The best contractors are built on Briq

Our mission is to bring peace and harmony to the industry by making the lives of construction professionals easier. With our proprietary technology and years of construction industry experience, we enable better financial and project outcomes.